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Martina Dietrich Couture is a sustainable direct-to customer collection of hand crafted one-of a kind creations partitioned in themes (not in seasons) for individuals to express their natural elegance. MDC combines style, quality and fit to the highest level.

We incorporate MDC RE•Creations and MDC Zero•Waste accessoires to amplify our philosophy of “MORE with LESS” and redefine luxury to observe true sustainability and give a fresh perspective on what luxury fashion (should be) in today's world. 


MDCouture is an assembly of timeless EDITIONS of ONE, creating an authentic wardrobe suited for a lively, sustainable lifestyle of dresses, shirts and skirts and anything that can be worn as a dress.


Each garment is perfectly crafted from decades of experience and exclusively made by hand in our DressRoom. Our clothes are designed to last, in both quality and style.


MDC RE·CREATED is a new expression in a segment of MDC to reduce waste which would normally go directly into the landfill.

We transform used and abandoned garments from the fashion industry which could be any garment that inspires us; from denim trousers, shirts, and skirts to remake them into NEW designs/CREATIONS which can be continued in a never ending cycle. It is just one of the ways we are extending the life of our clothing and it is all a part of our vision for a future without waste.


Being conscious of all of our used material, our scraps become treasures to us.

The remaining cut off material and scraps from each previous creation or transformation will be saved and transformed in traditional and untraditional ways into MDC ZeroWaste accessories.

The MDC’s ethos is to create purposeful pieces and provide individuals with products that live up to their greatest expectations and strive to make each garment a lifetime treasure. The handcrafted garments with couture finishing are as beautiful inside as they are outside so you can wear it inside-out or even upside down!

From the idea followed by the first stitch to the final product, MDC delivers exclusive, sustainable luxury garments you fall in love with forever. 

We do what we love and we love what we do!

“More with Less” is what we stand for.

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Meet the Designer Martina Dietrich

Martina Dietrich began her one-of-a-kind storytelling at a young age which became her vessel of positivity and confidence. As a designer she wants her customers to find their joy in being unique and supporting personal identity through wearing one-of-a-kind garments.


Martina Dietrich wants YOU to explore your own uniqueness and celebrate that to the fullest just as she does today.

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